Week of March 18, 2024

Each week we highlight five things affecting the life sciences industry. Here’s the latest.

  • Per CNBC, Nvidia and Johnson & Johnson are collaborating to develop new artificial intelligence applications for surgery, aiming to enhance surgical procedures from pre-op to post-op by integrating AI within devices and platforms.
  • The partnership focuses on using AI to analyze surgical video and automate documentation post-procedure, potentially transforming surgical education and decision-making by making surgical videos more accessible and analyzable for real-time support and training.
  • Per Medtech Insight, President Biden signed a comprehensive executive order to enhance women’s health research, marking the most extensive executive action in this area to date.
  • The executive order aims to bridge research gaps in women’s health, particularly focusing on conditions prevalent or intensifying post-menopause, such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart attacks and osteoporosis.
  • The European Commission has unveiled a comprehensive package of actions aimed at advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing within the EU, reports EFA News.
  • The proposed actions include stimulating research and innovation, facilitating the use of research infrastructures, and stimulating market demand for bio-based products.
  • Per BioSpace, new graduates are encountering significant difficulties entering the biopharma industry, with increased competition and fewer job openings.
  • The downturn follows a period of layoffs and reduced research investment, leading to a surge in applications per job and a decline in available positions.
  • Schott Pharma is investing $371 million in a new facility in North Carolina to enhance its production of glass and polymer syringes, addressing drug shortages and supporting the growing demand for GLP-1 and mRNA therapies in the U.S., reports Fierce Pharma.
  • This expansion will mark the first U.S. site capable of manufacturing refillable polymer syringes for mRNA medications, aiming to triple its market offerings by 2030.

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